Barnett's Of  Western North Carolina
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Hi welcome to my site the pictures and text are about growing up in a small community in western North Carolina as I remember them. The post office was at Relief Nc. The nearest town was Burnsville.
First I have 3 people I would like to thank for making me the person I am today. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Ferd Barnett for taking the time to care about my brother and me and taking us in to raise when they had kids of there own and could have easily sent us to a foster home. Next is my wife of 37 years Claudia who helped me to understand what family is all about, and for giving us the life and family I have today. I was born on Decenber, 20, 1947 at 1:30 am in a small hollow called Pigeon Roost. I was delivered by my Grandmother Hester (Hughes ) Ray and I was born in the  same home and room my mother  was born in. She was delivered by her Aunt my Great Great Aunt Mary Jane (Byrd )Hughes both were ( midwives ). My mothers name was Hannah ( Ray ) Barnett my Dad was Jones Barnett. I have a brother Danny Barnett (Deceased ) and a sister Gwen ( Barnett ) Weaver and  a  half Brother Johnny Allison. My Grandfather on my Dad's side was Paul Barnet who owned a General store and  saw mill on Pigeon Roost. My Grandmother on my dad's side was Lisse (Oakes ) Barnett. I when to school at Tipton Hill for the first 4 years of school, we then moved to Elkton Md. where we stayed until 8th grade. We then  moved to Oxford Pa. were I when to school until 11th grade when I droped out. I moved to Reading Pa. in 1965 were I still live today with my wife Claudia (Steffenhagen) Barnett. We have one daughter Heather  Marks who is married to David Marks. They have a son Dalton Marks. I have a son Jerry Budwash. If you have any comments or would like to contribute anything, I am always looking for pictures and stories of Pigeon Roost and the people who live and have lived there. You can contact me at

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